Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steampunk Clipboard

Hi all!  I just spent an evening with my BFF, Gina. We had a pizza dinner and a night of crafting in my new craft room! So much fun and much better when I am sharing with someone too. I love my new space.  So we decided to make a Steampunk clipboard. We bought a kit at the Scrapbook Expo on Friday. It came with 2 pieces of paper, a small clipboard and some embellishments.  however, it was just not quite enough, so of course with all the supplies in my room, we had to add more! LOL Well that's what it's there for, right?  We covered the clipboard on the front with a piece of the paper, then cut out the 2nd piece and put it on the top.  We added embellishments, some glitter, some rickrack and lace. We cut out some other pieces of the paper and popped them up on the top. Then we turned it over and covered the back with another piece of the paper in our packet.  We also cut out flowers and gears and added those as well.  I hope you like how it turned out. We sure did and had a good time making them too. I plan on taking mine to work and will see if my crew will take me serious as I walk around with my special clipboard.

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