Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9-11 Remembrance Hop Blog Candy Winner

I have a winner to announce for the blog candy I posted ont he 9-11 Remembrance Hop.
I threw out 3 comments, because 3 people commented twice. I ended up with 35 comments. Thank you all very much for the wonderful comments.  I hope to see you come back for other posts in the future.

The winner is:

Patti Ross said... Humbled and speechless are the two words that come to mind when I look at your album. You did an amazing job.

My husband and I were married (35 years ago today) on September 11, 1976. We were in Vegas, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, when we woke and turned on the tv we thought it was a movie...until we realized it was on all the channels. We jumped into clothes and went to the lobby of the motel, where people from all over the world just stood watching the big screen coverage...not even a slot machine made a sound...we walked across the bridge between excalibur and new york, new york...where someone had placed an american flag. A mid-eastern man who spoke in broken english, with tears running down his face, fingered the flag and then looked at us, "but this is America." he said and sobbed. People were already placing things on the fence surrounding The New York New York casino and vegas was silent.

It took us another week to find a way home - and three days before we could contact our sons on a North Carolina army base...Our personal lives, as well as the nations, stood sti

A story many Americans experienced during that time.  I know that my daughter chose to work in NY at a kids camp that summer and had just arrived back home a few days before the event. She had toured both the towers and the Pentagon, after her work assignment was finished. She had thought about going to Europe for college graduation with her two best friends, but didn't have the money. They returned to the states on the 10th and were waiting in line to buy tickets to see a show. They saw the plane crashes into the tower and watched them fall. They were stuck in NJ and finally rented a car and drove back home to WA state. They had talked about doing site seeing and going to the Towers like my daughter did, amongst other spots, but were not headed there until that afternoon. 

Thank you all for leaving your stories and words of compliments on my project. I might need to make one more so that both of my grandsons can have one when they grow up.

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