Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swapping Stamp/Craft room with sewing room Oye!

I had to move my bird cage (large macaw) and treadmill into another room.

Preparing the room for the cage and treadmill
OK, I have lived in my house for 29 years and got the "bug' again to move, but we are not going to do that for several years. So to satisfy my need for organization and purging, I am once again swapping rooms in my house. I have done this in the past and hopefully I will get this done and be happy with it for awhile. LOL  I have been taking pictures as I am moving, so that I can see the before, during, and after. It is a huge undertaking and hopefully I will be done by the end of June. I wish for sooner, but I know that there is a lot to move and organize.
So many things to move and get rid of stuff too! This is where the cage is going to reside.
I don't want to just throw it all in each room. I want it put away, so I can find it when I want it.  For now I am going to use the storage units that I have, but might need to make some changes later. I did buy one new cabinet from Joann's for my Cricut station. I can't wait till that area is ready to use!
My quilting table will go into the center of the new room, so I can work on both sides.

Sorry for the sideways view, but I put my hubby in a cage! Well not for long, only long enough to put in the bolts. LOL

Wow a cleaned out corner, after removing the cage and treadmill. Now ready to put in the shelves.

This is my craft room today and what I see when I walk in the door.

This is a pile of mess right now during the move! All of this has to be moved into the other room! OMG!!!

This is my paper and pens, but it will soon be moved too.

My one shelf of bling and rivets. I am looking forward to my new room design I have for all of this type of stuff.

Ribbon in containers, in the closet. My dad is making me a new ribbon holder. I am excited to put it up when it is completed. I will be able to walk up to it, pull off a piece of ribbon and have it hanging on the dowel. It will also be removable if need be. So excited about this change.

My Stampin' Up stamps are all numbered and then a picture in a catalog. When I have the time, I might reorganize them per subject, but it works for now. They are moving to a new spot with the DVD shelves. They work great for storing these.

Right now this is how I store my punches. I am not sure what I will do yet, but I might make a change. I also have 2 gorilla shelf units for bulky stuff and things I don't use, like albums and magazines. I think I need to go through the magazines though and purge some.

I have a shelf that is useful, but so messy looking above my table. I plan on cleaning this stuff up and finding new organized homes.

Stampin up stamps

Stampin' up stamps in their new location.

My Sizzix dies on the floor waiting for the shelf to be moved.

OH my got all of the Sizzix dies moved then filled up the corner with the sewing room stuff LOL I have to be able to put the stuff somewhere so I can move the craft room into that spot.

With the help of my mom, all of my fat quarters got moved into their new location. She even kept them in order of their color. This is so nice when I need a certain piece of material for a quilt!

What a mess! I entered this picture into a contest for worst craft room and a chance to win $100 worth of organizing supplies. I think I need it! LOL

Here's my sewing stuff that has to be moved. Once it is out of this room, then I can put the shelves in from the stamp room. I think I will need my hubby's help, Uh don't tell him though. I told him he wouldn't have to help me. LOL
I'll post the afters of both rooms when I'm done.


  1. Looks like you have lots of work ahead. I am very close to finishing up my re-organization of our ENTIRE house. My goal was to touch every single thing we owned - get rid of tons of it, and super organize the rest. If it didn't fit in a space the way I wanted I got rid of even more stuff. The only things I have left are finishing the basement (almost done) and the garage - which is pretty scary! *LOL* I feel a million times better having the house so nice and tidy all the time, and I bet you'll be so glad when you're all done.

  2. Oh My Goodiness!!! You don't have a craft-room, you have a shop!! I've seen shops with less stock! How Fabulous. I've been in my 'bigger' room for a few weeks now, and well, it's already too small! Lucky you! Happy Woyww birthday!!