Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simply Adorable Bears

Simply Adorable Bears new patterns, will be available this week. Go check out her FB page and her other items. I just found this site today and her work is just so cute. Of course, I am definitely fond of these patterns, since they are Disney related. I would love to add them to my Disney trip scrapbook pages.


  1. Hello! I was just reading some of the comments left on my blog during the 28 Candles blog hop this weekend and I came across yours. I'm trying to visit the blogs of all of those who included links and those I can track down through their user names. I wanted to thank you for your very kind words and I also returned the favor and have become your follower too. Take care and good luck in my giveaway!


  2. Tambo - thanks so much for the comments you left on my blog! (I posted this there too) It is nice to hear something positive when you have done something you are unsure about. I love your story about your friend's cat, my cat in the picture (Tigger) was a rescue from a shelter, my other cat Pilgrim is solid black and was rescued from the highway on Thanksgiving day - hence the name. How sad that somebody would move away and leave a helpless animal - I will never understand that. Tigger tries to lay down next to me on any empty space on my desk, even it the space is no more than a fraction of his size, but then I tell him to get in his basket and he does, just like Toby! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment, you made my night!